UTI likely - END

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Contact medical/clinical staff to request review of patient/resident

  • Assess if retention or sub-acute retention of urine is likely – blocked catheter or distended bladder
  • DO NOT use dipstick test in diagnosis of UTI in older people
  • Obtain a sample for urine culture and send to Microbiology
  • Start antibiotic therapy following local policy or as advised by Microbiology
  • If patient has a urinary catheter, remove and replace it. Consider the ongoing need for a long term catheter in consultation with specialists.
  • Consider use of analgesia (paracetamol or ibuprofen) to relieve pain
  • Consider admission to hospital if patient has fever with chills or new onset hypotension (low blood pressure)
  • Review response to treatment daily and if no improvement of symptoms or deterioration, consider admission to hospital or an increased level of care
  • Ensure urine culture results are reviewed when available in order to streamline antibiotic therapy